zakjes cacao poeder met verschillende smaken van kakaw spirit
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I love myself

Your Daily Cacao Blends

jou dagelijke cacao blends.

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Symbool met een vlinder erin
symbool met een zon erin
symbool met hersenen erin
symbool van een hand met een plantje erin
vrouw houd een kopje met cacao drank tussen haar handen

Kakaw Spirit

We at Kakaw Spirit prefer to use cocoa powder instead of cocoa liquor in our cocoa ceremonies and daily rituals. This is
based on our extensive experience, where we have learned that cocoa mass can sometimes be heavy on the stomach and lead to nausea. Cocoa powder offers the same concentration as the cocoa mass, so you experience the same cocoa experience, while it is more user-friendly and easier to digest. We have led countless cocoa ceremonies and from our practical experience we conclude that cocoa powder is a refined choice. In addition, cocoa powder is ideal for daily use because it dissolves quickly and makes a delicious addition to dishes such as yogurt and cottage cheese. At Kakaw Spirit we believe in the power of cocoa powder to enrich the cocoa ceremony experience and create a joyful daily habit.

Love Cocoa

"Returning to your true self is a journey fueled by pure cocoa powder. With the deep roots of this natural substance, you awaken your inner wisdom and essence. Cocoa powder acts like a magic wand, guiding you on the path to self-discovery and spiritual growth. It is the key to a moment of mindfulness, involving your senses and opening your heart to profound insights. Let the rich taste and aroma of pure cocoa guide you to a deeper connection with yourself, and find in this experience the opportunity to heal, grow and reconnect with your inner self

bakje met cacao bonen en poeder
vrouw houd een kopje cacao poeder drank vast

Back to your inner self

Cocoa powder has the power to help you in the process of self-acceptance, even when you are alone. It is like a silent companion on your inner journey, a source of comfort and strength. With every sip of cocoa you experience a moment of mindfulness, in which you can fully embrace yourself, with all your quirks and imperfections. The deep aroma and rich taste of cocoa provide a sense of comfort and self-esteem, allowing you to forgive and love yourself. In this solitude you discover that you are not alone, but in the company of your most authentic self. Cocoa powder opens the door to...
self-compassion and inner acceptance, a journey that allows you to grow and flourish even when you are alone.