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The beginning of Kakaw Spirit

Our story starts with Anouk, who came into contact with the world of cacao ceremonies through her personal journey. With her extensive experience in organic products through her company, the idea to start Kakaw Spirit was born. However, Anouk, who has attended many ceremonies, often encountered a stumbling block: the cocoa mass in chunks often felt heavy on the stomach and lacked the desired taste. This led her to the thought: why not offer cocoa powder? Lighter on the stomach, better in taste, but retaining all the qualities of cocoa mass.

At Kakaw Spirit we believe in accessibility. Our cocoa is designed for everyone, whether you are new to cocoa or an experienced user. Whether you are a beginner exploring the world of cocoa or an experienced enthusiast looking for refinement, Kakaw Spirit invites you to discover the versatility of our products and enjoy the unique taste experience we offer. Join our journey and experience the joy of Kakaw Spirit, regardless of your experience level.

gelukkige vrouw met een kopje cacao drank


Kakaw Spirit is my story.
A story about a period in my life. A point in my life when I started questioning myself. With questions like 'What is the purpose of this life, my life' and 'What on earth am I doing here on this earth'. And it was deep, so deep that I couldn't get out of it. I reached out for help and help came my way. A very wise woman (link to Mo, Wild Wise Woman) guided me from the feminine and soft energy. Masculine Yang energy has helped me for a long time and taken me far. It has kept me going for a long time in a world where a lot is expected of a woman. But it was time, time for change, time to allow self-love to flow into every fiber of my body. Through this wise woman I came into contact with cacao ceremonies, among other things. I have received several ceremonies, incredibly beautiful, soft and yet powerful. But I found the drink itself intense in taste, bitter, thick and my stomach could hardly tolerate it. I also found the preparation complicated. Through the entrances of my current company I could obtain the most beautiful cocoa varieties, but in powder form - lighter, softer, easier. Because that's how I live my life now and I wish you the same. Enjoy our cocoa drinks inspired by the 4 elements and the last element Natural, this is your taste, your own spirit. Pure, soft, light and if you want you can add your own addition.


My name is Lester and I work at Pure and Organic & Kakaw Spirit. I have now been active at Pure and Organic for almost 11 years, with great pleasure. I started out in production and have since grown to the position of manager. It is a busy job, but I get a lot of satisfaction and challenge from it. Now I am also part of Kakaw Spirit, which gives me a lot of new energy. I use cocoa myself on a daily basis because of its health benefits. Besides being delicious in my yogert, it feels good to add this to my daily supplement stack.

zelfverzekerde vrouw die naar zichzelf kijkt in de spiegel


Hi, I'm Celine, and I would like to share my experience with cocoa with you. It was Anouk who first told me about cacao and its ceremonies, and how it helped her in her life. Her stories sparked my interest in cocoa, which prompted me to investigate further.

Ultimately, thanks to Anouk's inspiring stories, I attended my first cacao ceremony. That experience had a deep impact on me. It has sparked my creativity again. Thanks to this project, Kakaw Spirit, I have found my creative spark again. I mainly focus on design and ensure that everything is correct down to the smallest detail. It's amazing how a single experience can change your life so much.

I am grateful for Anouk's inspiration and the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of cocoa. It helped me find my passion and fully commit to it. I look forward to what the future holds, and I am determined to continue my creative journey at Kakaw Spirit.


My name is Maurice. My background in nutrition and my interest in health and sports led me to delve more deeply into the function of cocoa and the positive effects it has on body, mind and (sports) performance. I have always been a fairly down-to-earth person, but thanks to Anouk I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a cocoa ceremony to discover the effects of cocoa in combination with breathing exercises. The inner peace and gratitude I experienced then was overwhelming and I can recommend it to everyone about those skeptical thoughts
talk about these types of ceremonies.